Ultimate Bass Hunter

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Here’s Why All Anglers Should Grab Their “Ultimate Bass Hunter” 6 Segment Wobbler Swimbait
The “Ultimate Bass Hunter” 6 Segment Wobbler Swimbait works by grabbing the attention of Bass with its life-like looks and motion... then triggering it's natural instinct to STRIKE.
  • SPECIAL ELEMENTS: Unlike other segmented fishing baits, our bass lures have a 3D eye and pearl powder coating which makes them more realistic to big bass. The lures are rigged with premium Mustad hooks that are durable and allow you to land big fish.
  • Colorful and Durable: The “Instant Instinct” 6 Segment Wobbler Swimbait is made with realistically patterned and TOUGH material so it will catch the attention of more big bass without breaking in the process.
  • Perfect Bait, Perfect Timing: Always having the PERFECT bait to "match the hatch" is a constant challenge for anglers. With the “Instant Instinct” 8 Segment Wobbler Swimbait there’s no more trips without getting a single 'bite', no broken baits due to debris in the water, and no showing up to fish with baits that don't 'match the hatch'!
  • 100% No Hassle, Money Back Guarantee: If the “Instant Instinct” 6 Segment Wobbler Swimbait isn’t everything you’re hoping for, just send it back within 60 days for a FULL refund!  



  • Weight: 20g
  • Length: 10cm
  • Eyes: 3D-Nature Eyes
  • Color: 6 Different Colors
  • Package: Box
  • Action: Full float
  • Body Type: Hard

"These swimbaits are very well made, durable, excellent quality, and also have very sharp hooks simplifying fish catch. My buddies were also very impressed and we have decided to try them recently, and I am confident that it will catch fish." ~ Ted C, Massachusetts

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