Luminous Jerk Bait Set - 10 Pack

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Back by popular demand is our best selling Luminous Jerk Bait Set - 10 Pack

Now available in packs of 10 mixed lures, the Luminous Jerk Bait Set - 10 Pack  is now outstanding value for money. The 110mm, 18 gram jerk baits works at a depth of approximately 2 meters. They are supplied with heavy duty hardware and perform exceptionally well for a wide range of fish species. Each pack of 10 contains 10 different colors.

You can literally target any species that chases lures. They’re perfect for Flathead, Barra, Jacks, Grunter, Trevally and threadfin and just about everything else that hangs in the salt.

The fresh water anglers can chase Perch, Large Bass, Yellow Belly, Saratoga, Cod and Barra. The sky’s the limit and they’re built to handle all comers.

The bibs are made of polyflex construction. The positive buoyancy makes it ideal for running across snags and heavy structure. At 110mm, they are a true all-rounder size. The Luminous Swim Bait Set - 10 Pack is a necessity in your lure kit as it will be the head of your all-rounder section. Now they’re available in a packet of 10 mixed lures, you can stock up and finish with change in your pockets. 


  • Ideal for casting and trolling making a versatile lure, designed to be an all-rounder that will work brilliantly in the salt or fresh on a host of fish species.
  • This 10 pack is chosen by our experts. You know that these lures have been compiled based on their high success rates.
  • Built from heavy duty hardware they are tough and durable and ideal for big, aggressive pelagic species.


  • Pack: Contains 10 Lures
  • Length: 110mm (4.3in)
  • Weight: 18g
  • Hooks: 2X VMC treble (supplied)
  • Depth: Mid Depth
  • Action: Swimbait
  • Rattles: Multiple

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