Flash Bat - Survival Flashlight

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Even though the world seems to have lost its collective mind lately, we believe we still have the right to defend ourselves and own flashlights... we think. Our brand new 2021 designed Flash Bat provides a little extra security and illumination in the darkness with a powerful 200 Lumen Single Cree Q5 LED bulb that's bright enough to temporarily blind or daze an attacker and a heavy-duty, anodized aluminum bat frame for taking them out in self-defense should they decide to physically attack.

The Flash Bat Flashlight features a 3-mode switch (high, low, and tactical strobe), a scratch- and corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum frame, and a cross-checkered handle for positive grip in any situation. Great for keeping in the bedroom in case of a home intrusion, when out walking at night, hiking/camping, in the car, or even during a zombie attack/alien invasion.

As avid survivalists ourselves, we know just how hard it can be to find good tools that last. We were always on the lookout for ones that don't take up too much room in your backpack and are lightweight and easy to carry around. This led us to create an entirely new tool, which we combined into a sturdy, durable survival flashlight.

Our Flash Bats are designed to strike the right balance between durability and strength, ensuring you're ready for anything.

The Adjustable Zoom gives you the wide field of view and brightness that other flashlights just don't have. It also comes with a SOS Strobe feature for any survival situations you may find yourself in. 

Whether you are an avid camper, glamper or even a doomsday prepper the Flash Bat is suitable for all situations. 

With its waterproof military-grade anodised aluminum body this torch can handle even the harshest conditions! 


Zoom Adjustable ---Flashlight telescopic zoom,allows you to select focus between spot and flood beam.

Super Bright & Multiple Modes---Using high  quality XHP50 LED chip, choose different lights in different occasions.

USB Rechargeable---Powered by rechargeable batteries, Equipped with a built-in USB charging port plus USB cable, with battery indicator, so you can convenient charge your light whenever you need ,Lasts up to 16 hours, charging time 7-8 hours.

Waterproof Flashlights---Water resistant and designed for use in heavy rain. Its durable aluminum body and shock-resistance endure rough handling, reliably illuminates in freezing temperatures-down to -40deg.

Incredibly Reliable---Anti-slip design handle; shockproof and easy to use.



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