Ultra-light Alloy Camping Cookware Set

Set: 3 Pcs
Sale price$44.95


Product Features:

  • Cooking Performance: The camping pot boils 400 ml water only in 2 minutes and 30 seconds; with its ease of use, it will be a great help whether you are going to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner with friends, or hike in for romantic picnics, as well as overnight excursions
  • Nonstick Pots & Pans: The camping cookware is made of safe and non-toxic aluminum with non-stick coating for easy cleaning; bowls and serving ladle are made of food-grade PP plastic
  • Heat-Resistant Handles: Thermally insulated plastic handles to keep your fingers safe from the heat; anti-slip design offers a firm and comfortable grip in your hands
  • Compact & Portable: This camping cookware is space-saving and compactable; a nylon mesh bag is provided to pack all the items neatly for easy carrying; designed to pack up small and take up little room so that you barely feel the weight within the pack on your back
  • Great for Outdoor Kitchen: The camping cookware comes equipped with all of your kitchen essentials, offering an ideal solution for boiling water and cooking food outdoors; this set is perfect for camping, backpacking, hiking, and more.

 Product Specifications:

  • Disposable:No
  • Can Hold Boiling Water or Not:Applicable
  • Fold:Yes
  • With Tableware or Not:No
  • With Cooler Bag or Not:No
  • Material:aluminum alloy
  • Type:POT
  • Capacity:>3L
  • Style:Outdoor
  • Model:303
  • Number of Users:2~3
  • Appearance:ROUND
  • Cooking pot specification: 166x89mm
  • Frying pan specifications: 167x39mm
  • Teapot capacity: 800 ml

Package  Includes: 

  • 1X Cooking pot
  • 1XFrying pan
  • 1X Teapot
  • 1X Net bag
  • 1X Knife,  
  • 1X Fork, 
  • 1X Spoon


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