Reflex Rods™

length: 1.8 m
Sale price$44.95


This is like a fisherman’s fantasy come to life. A fishing rod that hooks the fish for you.

Now before you say it, the answer is no. This is not cheating. It’s just a helping hand in a sometimes frustrating activity.

How many times have you set your pole, grabbed a beer, then turned around to see your fish getting away?

We can’t prove it, but we’re pretty sure those fish do that on purpose. They’re taunting us. Well, that stops today.

This automatic fishing rod holder is spring loaded to catch as many fish as it can, as fast as it can, while you sit and relax.

Hey, fishing is supposed to be fun, not a pain in the boat.

Just take a look. We think you’re gonna like this.


  • Automatic pull. Got a fish on your line? This holder automatically pulls back when a fish is detected. Give yourself an edge.
  • Maximum tension. This withstands up to 110 pounds of pressure without snapping. That’s one big fish.
  • Built-in stakes. You can’t have your fishing rod holder slipping. These have 2 built-in ground stakes, so they’re not going anywhere.
  • Adjustable. Got different sized fishing poles? What fisherman doesn’t? This adjusts to fit them all.
  • Spring-loaded. The spring-loaded action is what gives this holder it’s kick. Pull back on any fish without losing it or snapping the line.
  • Rust-resistant. What kind of rod holder rusts? Not a very good one, and definitely not ours. This resists all corrosion.

Still not getting the fish you want?


Three sensitivity levels allow you to adjust the holder for easier catching.


Sometimes those fish are slippery. Make sure your pole senses them when they nibble. Too sensitive? Feel free to tone it down.

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