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Struggle Tying Knots? Don't Worry We Have You Covered! 

Perfect for the beginner angler right through to a seasoned pro 🐟
Ensure your knots are properly tied and land that next big catch!
The 4 in 1 Knot Tool makes snelling a hook super easy.
Tie your entire fly line, or make the perfect knot for simple hooks and lures.
The Quick Knot Tool is easy to use even with cold hands or for people with thick fingers, motoric problems or sight problems.
This handy tool is designed to be quick and easy to use so you can spend more time catching fish and less time fumbling around with the line.
Tie a number of different varieties of secure nail knots in a matter of seconds with this stainless steel tool.
Now you can free yourself from the hassle and time loss on a simple knot and make your fishing trips more enjoyable! 
Designed to last, the 4 in 1 Knot Tool, won't rust and easily fits into your pocket or tackle box.
The 4 in 1 Knot Tool makes the perfect gift and the new essential fishing accessory for every tackle box. 


  1. Place the leader on top of the tool with 6 inches of tag end forward and hold it under your thumb between the metal tips. 
  2. Make 4 or 5 wraps around the tips of the tool working back toward your thumb.
  3. Feed the end of the fly line though these wraps
  4. Feed the tag end of the leader back through the coils and back out the tip of the tool.
  5. Hold everything gently in place and give a short quick tug on the tag end of the leader. The knot should pop off the tool and onto the fly line. Make any adjustments needed and tighten down the knot firmly. Trim tag end and fly line close to the knot.


  • Easy to use - Come with a zinger retractor, easily fits into a pocket
  • 4 in 1 design consolidates gear into 1 easy-to-use tool
  • Multiple functions - Can be used as a hook sharpener, line clipper, jig eye cleaner, line knot picker, knot tire combo
  • Equipped with D-ring for easy attachment
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Non-slip grip - Nubuck leather covered handle makes the tool non-slip even with gloves or wet hand
  • Great for clear hook eyes, trimming line, honing hooks & nail knot tying


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Length: 95 mm/ 85 mm
  • Color: Black

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