Prep Out Of Fear Or Passion?

Is fear a motivator for your prepping and preparedness? For many, the answer is yes. And that’s entirely logical. Especially given today’s uncertain times.

Fear can certainly be a powerful motivator. Over the many years of my own blog – I have written my share of article topics which have included varying elements of fear to instill some motivation to take preparedness action. However I don’t constantly do it that way like so many other sites.

While fear is a motivator, it is a negative emotion. Although using fear to instigate action does have it’s time and place, using it constantly will “get old” after awhile.

Yes there are some pretty serious risks out there which ought to motivate us to become better prepared. But you know what? There are some other pretty amazing reasons why you should not be prepping from fear alone…


Oh my goodness I must tell you how great it feels to travel down the road of independence. Metaphorically speaking, when you begin to remove the shackles bound to your feet, and remove the handcuffs on your wrists, a whole new world opens up before you. You CAN overcome the system which is designed to hold you down.

The strict definition of independence is “self-governing”, “not subject to control by others”, and “not being affiliated with a larger controlling unit”. However, the thing is that although we are still governed – we can certainly reduce being subject to control by others, or dependent and beholden by so many external systems.

More of the definition fits though: “not requiring or relying on something else”, “becoming of independent means”, and “showing a desire for freedom”.

The point I’m making is this: The more able that you are to govern yourself, to take care of yourself, to do for yourself — the more independent that you will be and feel. And it is a good feeling!

By taking steps down the path of prepping and preparedness, you will be lessening your dependence on others and other systems that may actually be controlling you, your actions, and your behavior (because of your ‘need’ for them).


Reliance on one’s own efforts and abilities. It brings with it, satisfaction. A sense of independence. And an inner strength that will make you a stronger and more powerful human being.

The more that you can do for yourself, the more self-reliant that you become. The more self-reliant that you become, the less that you need from others and other systems.

For example the more food that you grow or raise for yourself, the less food that you need from the grocery store.

The more you acquire and store for later, the less you will need during a time of shortage.

There are all sorts of examples, but you get the idea…

While there is plenty to fear out there, I’m suggesting that once you start your own prepping and preparedness, you will discover the tremendous motivation that naturally comes along with it.

The spirit of self-reliance, independence, individualism, personal responsibility.

Just living the lifestyle, regardless of how far you want to take it, is a rewarding experience for many of those who do it.

Be aware that the system is set up to trap you into dependence. Look for those traps everywhere you go, and in everything that you do. Once you begin to see them, it will become easier to spot those traps and step around them.

There are plenty of positive and rewarding reasons to live the more independent lifestyle of a “prepper”.